Quartz Worktops

Quartz Worktop PhotoQuartz Worktops can be described as "Engineered Stone" as the raw material (Quartz Worktop) is mixed with Resin and Various Colour Pigments producing a Sheet of Material that can be Fabricated into Worktops just like Natural Stone. There are many advantages over raw quarried quartz however. Raw Quartz Worktops when fashioned into Flat Slabs can be somewhat unstable. There is even the risk of it breaking under its own weight. By mixing it with resin and colour pigments a stable, Uniform Colour and Strong Workable Surface is the end result. There is also virtually no chance of fissures and it remains Scratch Free and Heat Resistant throughout the life of the product. Quartz worktops are 98% Pure Quartz and are rated as 7 on the "Moh's Hardness Scale". It's High Performing Polymers result in a Durable, Non-Porous, Chemical Resistant Surface.

We offer Quartz Products:

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