Quarella Worktops

What are Quarella Quartz Worktop and its benefits?

Quarella Quartz Work Surfaces is a product with a hard wearing, extremely durable, scratch proof, yet strikingly beautiful surface. High Quality Quarella Quartz Solid Surface is composed of 95% aggregates natural Quartz and 5% specialized pigments with a minimal amount of adhesive bonding resin. These solid surface materials are remarkably resilient, tough and eye-catching. Quarella Quartz Work Surface has connected the gap between nature's attributes and high technology making this surface maintenance free.

Quarella Solid Surface products come in 2 main classifications, in either Quartz or Marble-based. The Marble variation is generated in blocks whilst Quartz type is made in pieces and pigments creating an exceptional tough surface. High Quality Quarella Quartz Solid Surface products are in fact lighter in weight compared to Granite. Quarella High Quality Solid surface products have a very high scrape resistance creating the possibility of Quarella Work Surfaces to last without the danger of having scratches, cracking and breaking. In addition, it is stain resistant.

Generally, High Quality Quarella Quartz products are the ultimate option for any home kitchen work surface. Even cutting meals without using any chopping board will not leave blemish marks on the surface. Quarella Solid Surface products are widely used to blend with the kitchen area's ornamentation. Its aesthetic and very versatile surface creates a natural and elegant home kitchen design. High Quality Quarella Quartz is an ideal option for any residential cooking areas and bathrooms. It's a great choice not only for residential areas but also for any commercial or institutional settings like medical laboratories and hospitals.

Quarella Quartz Specifications

High Quality Quarella Quartz Solid Surface products are truly coloured consistent and are discolour resistant. Quarella Quartz Palette is created for the ease of matching colours in the environment that it'll be used in. High Quality Quarella Work Surface comes in a very wide scope of varying tones of Quartz attractive colours. Quarella Palette provides a multitude colour option from a kitchen worktop to fully furnishing the whole kitchen vicinity.

High Quality Quarella Solid Surface has tile and slab standard sizes available. Quarella tile standard sizes come in an available range from 300x300 to size 600x600 in 12mm thickness. The available standard size of slabs comes in either 20mm or 30mm thickness. Quarella Quartz Solid Surface slab forms have the flexibility which enables the material to find various usages in a vast application. The outcomes of these perfect materials are stunning and luxurious. High Quality Quarella Work Surface products will truly highlight the ornaments and style of any type of home kitchen area and/or bathroom. This is the ultimate solution for everyday space.

Quarella Quartz Cleaning and Care

Quarella Work Surfaces have a non-porous and very hygienic nature. A Quarella surface doesn't need any special sealing or polishing at any time. Quarella only needs a daily cleaning practise. All you need to have is a mild, ideally reduced pH cleaner, and then rinse with fresh water and dry.