Rustic Beech

Rustic Beech wood sampleRustic Beech hardwood Kitchen Worktops offer the best value for money for your kitchen requirements. The rich character of Rustic Beech shows through prominent grain and it is an excellent choice for almost any kitchen. Rustic beech has clearer grain patterns, well suited to a larger kitchen space especially where your kitchen worktops need to have a stronger visual distinctness. There is no difference in quality or durability between Prime Beech and Rustic Beech, they all stem from the same species, but it is in the construction of the worktops that the difference occurs. For the Prime Beech, the staves are matched for tone and colour continuity, but for Rustic Beech, the staves are put together to bring out more of the original nature of the beech tree. Part of the Rustic Beech kitchen worktops appeal is the personality of each unique piece, the plain and simple approach to hardwood, it is what it is. If you are considering a Beech worktop, do consider sending for a sample of Prime and Rustic. It will clarify for you what will work visually in your unique context and allow you to assess scale, light and pattern. We want you to make an informed choice and be happy with your choice. One thing you can be sure of your Rustic Beech hardwood worktop if properly looked after, will be there for as long as you want, giving you lasting satisfaction, durability and delight in your kitchen.

Our range includes Ash, Oak, Rubberwood, Cherry, Prime Beech, Iroko, Bamboo and Rustic Oak, all in a wide range of stock and sizes. We deliver weekly throughout the United Kingdom. You may be pleasantly surprised knowing that our Rustic Beech worktops could soon be yours. Do call us for a no obligation quote or email us at

40mm Staves

Sizes Price  
2000x620x40mm £ 84.99 Add to Cart
3000x620x40mm £ 119.99 Add to Cart
4100x620x40mm £ 162.99 Add to Cart
4000x650x40mm £ 140.99 Add to Cart
3000x720x40mm £ 140.99 Add to Cart
4000x720x40mm £ 200.99 Add to Cart
3000x960x40mm £ 192.99 Add to Cart
3000x620x27mm £ 82.99 Add to Cart
4000x620x27mm £ 130.99 Add to Cart
3000x720x27mm £ 141.99 Add to Cart
4000x720x27mm £ 174.99 Add to Cart

Broad Staves

Sizes Price  
1500x620x40mm £ 109.99 Add to Cart
2000x620x40mm £ 159.99 Add to Cart
2400x620x40mm £ 213.99 Add to Cart


Sizes Price  
3000x30x80mm £ 28.99 Add to Cart


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Danish Oil £ 9.00 Add to Cart