Rubberwood wood sampleRubberwood worktops? Are they made of rubber? At Kitchen Worktops Direct we are frequently asked these questions. It may surprise you to know that the answer is a mixture of Yes, No and not quite. Rubberwood is one of the most eco friendly hard woods available and is an ideal choice for use in todays' kitchen worktops. It comes from the Parawood tree, which is grown because its sap or plant fluid, produces latex. This is the main material used in producing rubber. When the tree stops producing latex after 20 - 25 years, the remaining trunk can be cut down and used to make a beautiful solid hardwood. Therefore Rubberwood is not as its name sounds, something that bends, but a solid wood with a dense beautiful grain. New Rubberwood trees are planted after the trees latex cycle is completed. So all aspects of the Parawoods lifespan, contributes to creating a sustainable ecological crop.

Rubberwood is ideal for indoor use as furniture Rubberwood, flooring and kitchen worktops. You may have been in homes that have had Rubberwood worktops installed, but have been hesitant in identifying the type of wood used. It will often be Rubberwood solid kitchen worktops as they can be stained, painted or used in conjunction with other materials in your kitchen design. Rubberwoods dense grain will provide that good-looking worktop surface at a great price. People often think its Oak or a more expensive choice. Undoubtedly Rubberwood kitchen worktops will continue to grow in popularity when people realize that they are buying a sustainable eco-product with a remarkable history and future.

Our range includes Ash, Cherry, Prime Beech, Rustic Beech, Iroko, Oak and Rustic Oak kitchen worktops all in a wide range of stocks and sizes. We deliver weekly throughout the United Kingdom. You may be pleasantly surprised knowing that our Rubberwood kitchen worktops could soon be yours. Do call us for a no obligation quote or e mail us at