Prime Beech

Prime Beech wood sampleBeech is known as a forest tree. Most of us can remember picking up beech acorns and small burrs whilst walking through woods in the autumn. Unless you had the good fortune to meet a wood turner or someone who worked with wood, most of us were unaware of the beauty contained in this relatively common tree. It is a wood turners dream. Fortunately, we can now all benefit from the medium tones and close grain of Prime Beech solid wood kitchen worktops. Providing your kitchen with a modern, smooth surface, our prime beech is a winner in every sense. Prime Beech kitchen worktops bring a very quiet understated, yet current look to your entire kitchen needs. Our solid wood worktops would look comfortable in a new build kitchen or within a traditional home. Prime Beech worktops look clean yet light and at Kitchen Worktops Direct, we have a good range of lengths and sizes to offer you. Prime Beech is often the material of choice for kitchen islands; its uniform and structured look radiates quality.

To maintain our Prime Beech Kitchen Worktops we recommend that you use high quality Danish oil and apply four to five coats, allowing the oil to sink in. This maintenance of your Prime Beech worktop only needs to be carried out initially, then once every three months, providing your new Prime Beech kitchen worktop with a protected surface for a considerable time.

Our range includes Ash, Rubberwood, Cherry, Prime Beech, Rustic Beech, Iroko Bamboo and Rustic Oak, all in a wide range of stock and sizes. We deliver weekly throughout the United Kingdom. You may be pleasantly surprised knowing that our Prime Beech worktops could soon be yours. Do call us for a no obligation quote or email us at

40mm Staves

Sizes Price  
2000x620x40mm £ 84.99 Add to Cart
3000x620x40mm £ 119.99 Add to Cart
4000x620x40mm £ 162.99 Add to Cart
4000x650x40mm £ 140.99 Add to Cart
3000x720x40mm £ 140.99 Add to Cart
4000x720x40mm £ 200.99 Add to Cart
3000x960x40mm £ 192.99 Add to Cart
3000x620x27mm £ 82.99 Add to Cart
4000x620x27mm £ 130.99 Add to Cart
4000x720x27mm £ 197.99 Add to Cart

Broad Staves

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1500x620x40mm £ 121.99 Add to Cart
2000x620x40mm £ 217.99 Add to Cart
2400x620x40mm £ 259.99 Add to Cart


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3000x30x80mm £ 28.99 Add to Cart


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Danish Oil £ 9.00 Add to Cart