Oak wood sampleOak Wood is prolific as a tree that ranges right across the northern hemisphere. Amazingly, we are still able to see evidence of oak wood used within the original roof construction of medieval cathedrals. We can even observe oak remains in Viking long boats. Prized for its strength and hardness, it goes without saying that oak worktops have a remarkable pedigree. At Kitchen Worktops Direct, our solid oak worktops make the best of this great hardwood surface. Sometimes our oak kitchen worktops will have the distinctive streaks, that are often called tiger marks. On the other hand, the oak worktop can show a straight-grained appearance in a light brown colour. Oak is a very distinctive wood, truly robust and eminently durable. All our oak kitchen or bathroom worktops will provide a classical craftsmanship look to your units. You can expect a high quality product that is made to last.

Oak kitchen worktops can blend in with painted furniture, kitchen islands and upstands, yet oak also compliments the latest in contemporary material. The choice is yours. There is an inherent quality of timelessness with an oak kitchen worktop, you are aware of its history and of course its future as a hard working but very stylish addition to your home. At kitchen worktops direct we would recommend our range of solid oak hardwood tops as the classic choice for strength, durability and traditional elegance.

Our range includes Ash, Rubberwood, Cherry, Prime Beech, Rustic Beech, Iroko Bamboo and Rustic Oak, all in a wide range of stock and sizes. We deliver weekly throughout the United Kingdom. You may be pleasantly surprised knowing that our oak worktops could soon be yours. Do call us for a no obligation quote or Email us at quote@work-tops.co.uk