Cherry wood sampleCherry wood when cut is originally a pale pink colour, but the initial colour changes as it's exposed to sunlight. The varieties of shades that cherry wood comes in are part of its popularity. Although each tree is completely unique our cherry solid wood worktop surfaces will provide you with that warm, rich looking durable surface. With a very straight grain and diffuse pores, it' s often a furniture maker's ideal choice, as it is an extremely workable wood. Cherry wood worktops have a particularly refined look, providing structural stability and gaining that richer patina year by year. Our cherrywood kitchen worktops will definitely provide you with that warm, homely look to your kitchen units. Cherry wood cabinetry may also benefit from being topped with our hardwood worktops. For a striking contrast why not mix a cherry wood solid worktop with white or mid tone units. It's a striking combination. Whether you are seeking a light or medium colour, our cherry wood worktops are one of our most popular worktops . Kitchen Worktops directs range includes Oak, Ash, Rubber wood, Cherry, Birch, Beech, Iroko and Bamboo, all in a wide range of stock and sizes

40mm Staves

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4000x720x40mm £ 458.99 Add to Cart
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