image of ashAsh is an open grained wood with a similar pattern to Red Oak, but without the reddish tone. The heart of this wood is a grey brown colour, while the sapwood, and tends to be a light creamy colour. Ash is generally straight grained and even textured. Baseball bats, axe handles and hockey sticks all use the strength inherent in this wood.

Our Ash worktops can be finished au natural or stained, though we have noted that Ash does not absorb stain as well as other woods. Hardwood Ash Kitchen Worktops will enhance any kitchen. Our solid wood surfaces are of solid hard wood stave construction, carefully crafted from the highest quality raw materials, available to provide you with maximum strength, stability and durability. Our range at Kitchen Worktops Direct includes Oak, Ash, Rubber wood, Cherry, Birch, Beech, Iroko and Bamboo, all in a wide range of stock and sizes.

40mm Staves

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Danish Oil £ 9.00 Add to Cart