Compac Quartz

What is a Compac Quartz Worktop?

Compac Quartz is an exquisite high quality product introduced by a magnificent Engineering Procedure of Stone Technology. Because Compac High Quality Materials have undergone a Hermetic Seal Method, the tight surface structure enables water to pass through without being absorbed. Its structure assures a clean surface where bacteria won't collect. Compac Quartz effectively provides a Non-Porous Work Surface which means it is easy to clean and very Low Maintenance. There is no need to seal or polish the surface after installation. Thanks to its great composition of 93-95% Pure Quartz Crystal combined with 10% Special Hardened Resin, a work surface which is Very Light, Extremely Durable and Hard Wearing is created. Compac High Quality Structure is becoming the Top Option for Kitchens or Bathrooms because of its extreme Resistance to Scratches, Abrasion, Acids, Oils and more. The elegant Compac Solid Surface product is exceptionally Tough and can Withstands Impact.

Compac Quartz Benefits

Compac Quartz Solid Surface Worktop has all the beauty and advantages of a Real Stone. Compac Solid Surface brings Sophistication to your Kitchen and Bathroom. With a great amount of durability, Compac Quartz high quality structure will give you a lifetime of utilization. Compac Quartz has great resiliency and is ideal for areas that have Heavy Foot Traffic, both in Commercial or Residential Environments. Compac Quartz is Aesthetically Pleasing and is an "Eco-Friendly" product. Compac Quartz is integrated with at least 75% of Recycled Materials composed of Mirrors, Porcelains, Glass and Vitrified Ash, making it available in a wide variety of colours. Compac Quartz completely fulfills its Environmental Responsibilities. Compac Quartz Fabrication Processes are managed in order to keep the power usage to a minimum and where 94% of water used in its fabrication is recycled.

Compac Quartz Specifications

Compac Quartz palette is available in a Wide Variety of Rich Colours. Compac Quartz has a structure consisting of Luxurious Patterns and Designs. Compac Quartz Finishes come in a tile format of 24"x24"; 24"x12" and slabs in 120"x55". Compac Quartz also comes in a standard thickness in tile format of 1/2" and slab format 1/2"; 3/4" and 1 1/4". Also, Compac Solid Surface structure can be customized, giving you Flexibility to pick out and request the size and thickness that you prefer.

Cleaning and Care Quartz

Compac Quartz Solid Surface is very easy to Preserve and Keep Clean. In keeping its Surface Clean, all you need to have is a clean damp cloth and warm water. Wipe away any spills, splashes and dirt as soon as they happen, wiping the surface after each use to maintain its Cleanliness, Gloss and Shine. For keeping Compac's Surface from Permanent Stains, just simply use a PH-Neutral Detergent and clean thoroughly with warm water to be sure any detergent residue is washed away. Dry up your Compac Solid Surface with a piece of cloth or clean towel.